Add a touch of style to your party with Horgans selection of savoury canapé ideas.


Selection of good quality breads (sourdough/ rye bread)
Horgan’s Blacky Ham
Horgan’s Vintage Cheddar
Horgan’s Salami Milano
Horgan’s Prosciutto Crudo
Horgan’s Garlic Salami
Horgan’s Duck Pate
Appelrotkraut Red Cabbage
Lettuce leaves and tomatoes – variety


Select a slate or wood serving board that is flat and large enough to hold the selection.
Arrange the various items on your breads for example from the image L – R:
Horgan’s Blacky Ham, Horgan’s Vintage Cheddar, Rocket Lettuce.
Horgan’s Prosciutto Crudo, Lollo Rossa Lettuce.
Horgan’s Salami Milano.
Horgan’s Duck Pate with fresh chopped tomatoes.
Horgan’s Garlic Salami with Appelrotkraut Red Cabbage.

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